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  • Authenticity Guaranteed

    Every luxury item we offer passes a thorough inspection. Equipped with advanced tech, our team guarantees authenticity. Trust and high-quality are priorities, ensuring genuine items for your business.

  • Unbeatable Profitable Margins

    Luxe Supply Company boosts profitability with over 50% margins, above the 30% standard. Competitive pricing ensures your business's financial success and superior returns with every acquisition.

  • Personalized Selection

    We offer personalized selections for unique business needs, aligning with inventory goals. Our team curates collections reflecting trends and future demands, setting your inventory apart from competitors.

Authenticity Guaranteed

At Luxe Supply Company, we prioritize unwavering authenticity. Alongside employing Entrupy, the industry leader in authentication with their advanced AI-driven technology, we also utilize proprietary databases and in-house authenticators. This multifaceted, scientific approach ensures the genuineness of each luxury item, blending cutting-edge technology with expert human insight to guarantee authenticity in every piece.

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Is there a registration fee to partner with Luxe Supply Company?

No, there is not a registration fee. Partnering with Luxe Supply Company is completely free, provided your application is accepted. We believe in fostering accessible luxury partnerships.

How does Luxe Supply Company ensure the authenticity of its products?

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our business at Luxe Supply Company. We employ advanced technologies and in-house expertise for rigorous authentication of each product. Our multi-layered approach, including the use of AI-driven systems like Entrupy and proprietary databases, guarantees the genuineness of every item.

Can small businesses also partner with Luxe Supply Company?

Yes, we are open to everyone regardless of size! Luxe Supply Company welcomes partnerships with businesses of all scales, from small boutiques to larger retailers. Our goal is to provide access to luxury goods to a diverse range of businesses.

What support does Luxe Supply Company offer to its partners?

Once your application is approved, Luxe Supply Company provides a dedicated account representative for each partner. This representative will be your primary point of contact for all queries and support, ensuring a personalized and efficient partnership experience.